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I Cannot Wait to Move to Sloane Residences

Even though my children are still toddlers, I knew that it was never too early to start thinking about their education. Life has changed a lot for my husband and I in the last couple of years that makes this possible. We were not expecting to have twins when I became pregnant, and we were also not expecting him to get promoted twice in one year. Because of this, I started looking at condo developments that would benefit these changes. The Sloane Residences condo development has proven to be the best place for us to move to.

The area we are living in now is okay, but I know that I do not want my sons going to school in this district. It is not that they are bad schools, but they are definitely not the best.Read more: I Cannot Wait to Move to Sloane Residences

The Least Livable City in the Country

Calling ADT in Knoxville just makes sense when you see all the stories about how Knoxville is the least livable city in the country. I’ve been here five years and I knew it as soon as I moved in. The signs all around you all the time and it’s really all anyone talks about. The only reason I moved here, and why I’m still here, is my job at a law firm in the city. Once I got in and started grinding for a partner position, leaving wasn’t an option. But boy oh boy do I wish I’d started my career anywhere else than here.

I’ve had my car stolen twice. I’ve almost been carjacked. I’ve had the windows on my house broken by rocks. I’ve witnessed a robbery at a convenience store.Read more: The Least Livable City in the Country

King Size Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy a King size memory foam mattress, then this page will help you out. Here we have listed many of the king memory foam mattresses available on the market which give you the best deals. Some of the memory foam mattresses you can get are significantly reduced from their retail price and we have found consistently that Amazon is the best place to get you one not only at a great price but also to get a quality mattress.

The quality of your king memory foam mattress is extremely important. If your foam mattress is of poor quality it won’t last very longer and will not give you the benefits that memory foam is known for. So make sure you get a quality mattress – 2 big helps to this are a trustworthy brand and customer reviews (which Amazon has plenty of!). For more information about cheap memory foam mattresses you can go here.

It is possible to get a king size mattress for around $500 that is of quality and will not let you down. Below is a list of king foam mattresses and great prices.

8 Inch King Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleep Innovations 8 Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress – King & California King Size

The SureTemp 8 Inch memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations is made from luxurious and premium memory foam. The Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress gives you 2 inches of SureTemp memory foam (SureTemp meaning it helps regulate your temperature) and 6 inches of base form. It is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. The 8 inch foam mattress is available in twin, full, queen, king and king size so suited to everyone in the family.

10 Inch King Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleep Innovations SureTemp 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – King & California King Size

The King size 10 inch memory foam mattress by Sleep Innovations comes with SureTemp technology which helps keep you cool at night and helps prevent overheating. It is also cheap despite its size, coming in at under $500 if you shop at Amazon. This is half its RRP. The Sleep Innovations SureTemp 10 inch foam mattress is comfortable and has made many people extremely happy.

As wellas being avauilable in California King and King size, you can also get this mattress in twin, full and queen.

Foamex 10 Inch Eco Friendly King Size Memory Foam Mattress

The King Size Foamex 10 Inch eco-friendly memory foam mattress used plant based ingredients instead of petroleum which is traditionally used. This makes it eco-friendly and better for your health. The Foamex 10 inch foam mattress has many happy customers and is also reasonably priced for an environmentally sound mattress.

The foam mattress is also available in full, twin and queen as well King.

For reading more king size memory foam mattress reviews please visit

IBOToolbox 2.0 has been released – Ouch!

IBOToolbox 2.0 has been released, June 1, 2013, and what was once a great social media marketing site is now difficult, boring and not very utile.

That may sound harsh, but I’m not going to hold any punches here, a very good IBOToolbox 1.0 has been turned into ‘blah’.

Just look at the above the fold, there is nothing there to really look at, to grab one’s attention and make them want to go on.  I, as a big fan of IBOToolbox 1.0, had to invest the time to look around and got even more bored.

Here are the challenges I see on just the above the fold on the Main page, or Dashboard, as the folks at IBO like to call it ….

Let’s go down and around with the arrows:

  1. Big ad (728×90) that covers about 15% of the above the fold, and who pays attention to ads?  SolveMedia did a study and you are more likely to win the lottery than click on a banner ad, 31.25 times more likely.
  2. Instructions:  Basically another ad and this time promoting buying ads and using IBO.  Hey folks, we are smart enough to figure it out ourselves, a simple Help link should do it.
  3. Wall Entry:  Here’s another 15% of the above the fold that’s blank?  Sure, I get to see my pretty picture, but then blank… Why?
  4. Wall Entry 2:  The latest post that has been made to the wall by an IBO member, again, covering about 15% of the viewing area.  Sure I get to see the pic of the member, some stars and icons, but so what…  More wasted space.
  5. Site Navigation: Over 10% of the above the fold and 3% of it is blank space.  Why so big?  Why take up so much space, it previously was built into the top bar and took up less space, navigation was easy and less space wasted.
  6. FMOTD:  Here we find the Featured Member of the Day (FMOTD), great, we see their stars and award icons, social media links, but what the heck does the person do?
  7. IBOToolbox OnTrack:  What does this have to do with the above the fold?  Are we not smart enough to look at our own profile page to see where we stand?

That’s just the above the fold, gets worse when you scroll down.

Sorry folks, but there is nothing to bring me back, nothing that helps me to be a better online marketer, to get the word out about my business.  I want to see what’s going on ‘above the fold’, not have to go searching for it.  And, no matter how long one uses the site, it still won’t make it more utile.

I will be back when IBOToolbox 3.0 comes out, or they go back to 1.0.

In the meantime it’s on to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to share and market the information from my website(s).

Want to check it out any way, IBOToolbox 2.0… click here.

Then I would love to hear your insights and comments below…


Who is Pamela Evette Smith and why is she suing Michael Jordan?

Georgia woman filed a paternity suit against NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. According to the suit, Pamela Smith alleges that MJ fathered her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan “Taj” Reynolds.

Back in December, “Taj” posted a YouTube video claiming that MJ is his father, MJ knows he fathered him, and MJ has spoken with him before. If true, MJ fathered this young man in 1995 during the time he was married to ex-wife Juanita Vanoy.

So who is this woman who allegedly had an affair with MJ?

Pamela Evette Smith is an Atlanta woman who bills herself as the “Queen of Romance” and a certified “loveologist”. According to her bio, she has worked in the past as a model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl. At one time she was the owner of a real estate firm, Pierce Plaza Enterprise, and a seller of adult toys

Ms. Smith is also into network marketing as an Isagenix representative, seen in this series of tweets from her Twitter account:

Loveologist Evette ‏@hottestexpert

  1. So hyped about eating right, now I can barely get food in my belly! Isagenix truly reduced my appetite.. Products Site Evette ‏@hottestexpert
  2. I am loving my Life….Having Much Success…Check Out Evette ‏@hottestexpert
  3. WOW, week 1- I made $336 w/ only 2 team members join to Increase their Income….#thatssuccess My Opportunity Site Evette ‏@hottestexpert
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Ms. Smith can be seen in a few videos on YouTube giving advice on love, relationships and romance. Her channel consists of bedroom tips, how to videos and speaking engagements.

Why sue now?

From all accounts, Taj Reynolds is sixteen years old. Why has Ms. Smith waited sixteen years to “out” MJ as the father of her son? Harvey Levin speculated on his TMZ live show, that maybe MJ and Ms. Smith had an Arnold Schwarzenegger type deal. Schwarzenegger fathered a child with his housekeeper, and apparently knew, but paid for the child’s upkeep in secret for many years. Levin suggested that the deal, MJ had with Ms. Smith, possibly blew up recently, and now Ms. Smith wants more.

Many think Ms. Smith came forward for the sake or her son, who is an aspiring hip hop artist. Ms. Smith filed the suit two months after Taj posted his YouTube video. In the video Taj pleads with MJ to be a part of his life. Could it be that the young man dearly wants a relationship with MJ? Or is it possible that he and his mother are after something a lot less empathetic…like money?

Damaging secrets

Secrets have a way of being revealed against the wishes of secret holders. There is truth to the saying that “what is done in the dark will come to light” after all. Who will be there to pick up the pieces if all of what Ms. Smith and Taj Reynolds say is true?

The public will ever know the truth behind the relationship between MJ, Taj and Ms. Smith. Nor should anyone know beside them and their respective families. After March 12th, when the first hearing in the case is set, the public may know whether or not MJ will have to submit to DNA testing. However, the only thing a DNA test will reveal is paternity. A DNA test cannot create a bond that does not exist, nor can it win back years that have already been lost.

Ms. Smith wants Taj to have a name change to the surname of Jordan. It is odd that Ms. Smith’s son’s last name is Reynolds, because her maiden name is Smith. She hints at having a boyfriend on Twitter, but there is no mention of a husband or prior marriage. So who is the possessor of the Reynolds surname that Taj bears? Yet another secret for which the public may never have an answer.

Rumors of MJ’s philandering had been widespread for many years. In 2008, MJ had to get a restraining order against Lisa Miceli after two paternity tests proved he was not the father of her child. His divorce from wife, Juanita Vanoy, was finalized in 2006. MJ is set to marry his fiancee in April of this year.

100% Commission on GVO Autoresponder and ALL of Their Amazing Top

Schertz, TX — (SBWIRE) — 02/18/2013 — Internet business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can now become founding members of the newly launched Pure Leverage system and participate in its “Income Opportunity” program that provides 100% commission on all product sales. In addition, Pure Leverage Review reveals that members have access to all the latest marketing tools. is a unique suit of internet marketing and network marketing tools. It comes with a high-value elite coaching program designed to enable online home business to build an effective marketing campaign and earn profit. This package comprises all the tools that makes the GVO team so effective and more.

Along with the 100 % commission plan, members of Pure Leverage will have access to the following tools.

1. Elite Coaching Program
2. Easy Lead Flow
3. Leverage Authority Blog
4. Turbo Traffic Generator
5. Video Email Service
6. Live Meeting Room
7. A to Z Home Study Course

The Pure Leverage marketing system sends heavy traffic to a high converting Lead Capturing Page, custom built for each member. This results in an endless supply of qualified leads for the internet business.

Pure Leverage Review of Marketing Tools

Pure Leverage consists of an Elite Coaching Program that teaches members all the skills they require to make it big in the direct sales industry. It also includes Joel’s home study course CD on building wealth. Joel Therien, who has personally invested over $ 5 million in this business, says “my team and I are going to teach you everything we know about building an 8 figure internet business.”

This marketing package also comes with a user-friendly lead capture system that creates web pages for home businesses which automatically capture the contact details of potential members. In addition, the upgraded turnkey autoresponder sends pre-written responses, developed by experienced adcopy specialists. This system is guaranteed to attract leads and convince them to join the client’s business.

Pure Leverage suit’s exceptional affiliate blogging and video emailing services enable users to build a strong internet presence, become authority figures in their chosen marketplace, and foster an emotional connection with their prospects. The Turbo traffic generation system of Pure Leverage generates low-cost traffic through viral marketing and other marketing best practices. Another powerful tool in this package is the Pure Leverage Live Meeting Room. It can be used to conduct real time audio and video meetings, presentations, and share information with globally situated team members.

Overview of Pure Leverage 100% Commission Plan

The Pure Leverage commission plan allows members to become re-sellers of This unparalleled compensation plan pays 100% direct commission on all product sales the first month. In the subsequent months, they receive 50% of the direct commissions and a check bonus that matches 50% of the total referral income of their direct sponsors.

Benefits of the Pure Leverage System

The Pure Leverage marketing system offers the following benefits that set it apart from its competitors.
– A 100% commission plan that adds to the income generated by the member’s primary internet business.
– A nuanced marketing system that provides assured profit.
– A “point and click” lead flow system with plenty of squeeze pages that can convert up to 50%.
– Sleek custom designed blogs that translate to maximized leads, traffic, and sales.
– A mentoring program that teaches attraction marketing skills and other techniques guaranteed to bring in over 15 paid sign ups daily.
– Proven techniques for convincing prospects and motivating team members.
– A chance to build an assured source of lifelong residual income.
– The ability to run an internet business from the comforts of one’s home.
– More spare time to spend with friends and family.
– Guaranteed profits within 30 days without the need to make any cold calls.
It is often said that the early bird gets the worm. In this case, the early members get a 100% sales commission and a profitable internet business. So the essence of Pure Leverage review indicates that those who take quick action to become founding members of this effective marketing suit will have the maximum benefits.

About Pure Leverage.Com is an Internet marketing business launched by Joel Therien the founder of GVO, a dynamic web hosting company. Pure Leverage comprises a host of new and enhanced marketing tools and services provided by the GVO-team. To know more about these products visit the website 

Download Coffee Shop Millionaire

Oakland Gardens, NY — (SBWIRE) — 02/11/2013 — If people ever go to their local coffee shops they must have noticed the people around them like guys wearing flip flops and shorts and sitting around the table with their laptops , sitting in the coffee shops and working for hours and hours while others go at work . But when they leave, they drive off in sports cars worth millions of dollars.C

Now the question is how on earth they got a car like that? But here is some good news for all the people across America, in fact all around the world there is a revolution going on that is spreading like wildfire. It is totally up to the people whether they want to be part of it or not.

Ordinary people are making extraordinary dollars in a few minutes as they are the local coffee shop millionaire’s. While they sit on their favourite arm chair or a table, they are making dollars from their laptops, iPads and even from cellphones. However, they are not exactly the coffee shop millionaires but then do they do business? The problem is there are thousands of e-business systems operating and making hard for the people to choose the right path that will work with the least amount of risk.

There is something very special to be considered because it breaks all the rules and regulations that visitors are accustomed to. The first guideline is about expenditure. There is no better thing to spend 980 dollars to make a thousand.H

Secondly the team wants a proven track record that provides a system not for months only but one that is able to produce for years to come. At this stage, almost 90% of everything has failed as most of the systems are unique while the older programs are not producing such systems.

Next e-mail lists products and if possible even websites need to be removed from the system. However, the original list is based on the guidelines list that the company had set.

The system is designed for everybody. Anyone can use it easily without any technical knowledge and expert approach. A system requires a product, an e-mail list or even a website. This system has proved to be functional for years and not just months.

This is surely a system that should be ranked as number 1 in the online money making business. Do visit for more details on the topic.

For more information, interested folks are advised to visit Coffee Shop Millionaire official website.

About RebatesHut 
RebatesHut provides unbiased and in-depth reviews of health, fitness, lifestyle, and internet marketing products. Coffee Shop Millionaire review is the latest addition to the list.

Qivana Announces Next Growth Strategy in Network Marketing

This article was originally distributed via PRWeb. PRWeb, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

SOURCE: Mark Yarnell

Direct sales expert Mark Yarnell announces the next step in the growth strategy for the Qivana Company of Provo, Utah. Qivana’s plan is to become the 15th direct sales company in history to surpass the one billion dollar annual sales benchmark.

(PRWEB) February 07, 2013

According to Mark Yarnell, author of Your First Year in Network Marketing, the Qivana Company of Provo, Utah will soon take one more step towards solidifying its attempt to become the 15th direct sales company in history to surpass the one billion dollar annual sales benchmark. Since the industry’s inception when Avon was launched in the late 1800s only 14 out of 10,000 North American direct sales companies have sustained that significant annual revenue.

As Yarnell has pointed out to numerous audiences in his lectures, books and magazine articles, “The odds of any American selecting a ground floor company that results in wealth and time freedom are about the same as winning at Powerball…that is 14/100 of 1%.

For over a quarter century, Mark Yarnell has warned people about the volatility of the direct sales industry. Unlike many industry proponents, Yarnell has consistently attempted to dissuade consumers from entering his profession without performing serious due diligence on the potential company. And Yarnell should know. In addition to writing the industry’s top bestselling book, he taught a certificate program for 18 years with Harvard business PhD Charles King and has appeared on numerous talk shows over the years, including the O’Reilly Factor. In 1997, Yarnell and Dr King were flown to Seoul by the law school to teach the Korean legal industry and government officials how to differentiate between pyramid schemes and legitimate companies.

According to Yarnell, “History leaves clues. By evaluating those 14 companies that made it to annualized sales of a billion dollars, it’s fairly safe to predict other companies with that same potential. Many people unwittingly join companies which fail to meet the algorithms of long-term success. But when Qivana releases two new products this February Yarnell believes it could easily set itself up to become the next blockbuster. He and his family are betting their reputations on it.

In Yarnell’s opinion, network marketing, or as it’s sometimes called, MLM, is the best sector of capitalism given its dramatically low-cost entry level and significant upside earning potential. Unfortunately, most people who enter the field do so merely to “dabble.” But when a company like Qivana emerges, Yarnell believes that serious capitalists need to treat it like real business. It only happens once or so a decade and when it does, participants must go to work full-tilt. Timing is an issue. Past the ten million dollar monthly revenue, the ground floor earnings potential diminishes significantly. “Pioneers need to take a position and go to work without hesitation if they want to enjoy the large payoffs during momentum,” according to Yarnell

Mom and the entrepreneur

Let’s say your child comes up with a great idea for a business and it takes off.

Now, besides school and the daily rigors of child rearing, you’re running a business with a youngster who’s become the face of the company. How do you make it all work?

That’s what happened to Patricia Crawford, a Naples single mom and entrepreneur who owns an interior-design company called Bay 170 in the tony Venetian Village shopping center.

Her daughter, 12-year-old Lauren, created a microwavable dessert called Notta Cupcake that is now being shelved in all 18 Whole Foods supermarkets around Florida.

Like many ideas, Notta Cupcake was born in the Crawford kitchen when Lauren was 9 years old. They mixed some organic, gluten-free cake ingredients in a cup and cooked it in the microwave. The name comes from the fact that it’s not a cupcake; it’s a cake in a cup.

Lauren then had the idea that this could be a little business, so Patricia Crawford decided to find out if the two of them could rent space for a booth at the local farmers market for a month. “Instead of one month, we stayed the whole season,” says Crawford.

Crawford says her daughter was thrilled with the entrepreneurial venture. “She had a ball, she met all the vendors,” Crawford chuckles. At one point, Lauren had a bet going with the lobster vendor to see who could get the most sales.

But it wasn’t easy. On Thursday nights, mother and daughter assembled and packaged the ingredients at a commercial kitchen, and together they would load their car on Friday nights. They were off to the farmers market at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday until it closed at 1 p.m. The car was so full of product that Lauren had to sit on the boxes. Together they would sell 500 instant cakes in a cup at $15 to $18 each.

“There are many times I wanted to quit,” says Crawford, who also runs a successful interior-design firm by day. “I would ask her from time to time: ‘Do you still want to do this?’” Crawford says. Her daughter would reply: “Mom, this is our business and I want to be involved.”

Crawford says she and Lauren have managed to keep the business and school separate. Lauren that school and school-related activities always come first. “She doesn’t want to mix it,” Crawford says.
There was a financial incentive, of course. Lauren made $20 each day of the farmers market. Her mom docked her $5 when she refused to help load the boxes one Friday night, but that only happened once.
Besides the Notta Cupcake business, Lauren maintains a full schedule of homework and sports. But the experience of the business is going to help Lauren, Crawford says. “It’s going to look great on her college application, and it’ll give her the confidence to start a business on her own,” she says.
The business took a more serious turn when the commercial kitchen the Crawfords were using closed and they had to find a manufacturer to mix the ingredients. When they approached Whole Foods about stocking the healthy dessert, the chain agreed to order “thousands” for all its stores in Florida. One of the key selling points is Lauren herself, the photogenic outgoing 12-year-old CEO.
Crawford is reluctant to share specific details of her operation for competitive reasons, but she says it took months to find a manufacturer who was willing to mix her ingredients in small batches. Most of the commercial mixers would only agree to mix what would have filled 25,000 cups at a minimum.
While Crawford says all the gluten-free ingredients are U.S.-made, she had to import the ceramic cups because the least expensive ones in the U.S. cost $5 each. “We couldn’t find one in the U.S.,” she says.

Crawford says once the ingredients are mixed, they’re shipped to a packaging and distribution company she found in Tampa. That relieves her and Lauren of the most labor-intensive part of the operation.

Crawford isn’t worried about her daughter’s growing fame, but she’s careful not to reveal too many details, such as the name of her school. “She’s never alone, and I go everywhere with her,” says Crawford, who remembers riding the train to Pittsburgh alone at Lauren’s age. “You can’t be afraid of life,” she says.

Crawford says she hasn’t made an accounting of how much she has spent on the business, but she says the trademark alone cost $10,000 to establish. Lauren is too young to own the business and doesn’t earn a salary, so her mom owns it fully now.

When she turns 18, Lauren will own 49% of Notta Cupcake until her mother determines she can make good decisions on her own, at which time she will give her the remaining 51%. So far, Lauren has the entrepreneurial spirit. “It’s in her DNA,” says Crawford.

Newly Launched Website Helps US Veterans and Their Families Find Freelance

US active military, veterans and their families now have a new way to find freelance work with the launch of The site allows employers to post freelance employment projects for either flat rates or hourly wages, for both onsite or online work.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

US active military, veterans and their families now have a new way to find freelance work with the launch of

The website, developed by a US military veteran, gives individuals and organizations searching for freelance contractor’s access to hard-working men and women who have risked their lives defending our country. The site allows employers to freely post positions for either flat rates or hourly wages, for both onsite work and tasks that can be completed online. Anyone can join as a freelancer and bid on the posted projects.

“While there are many veterans and active military out there who are looking to earn extra income for their families, this is the first site that makes it easy to seek out these individuals for a wide range of projects,” said Martin Lee, a veteran and founder of “This is a great opportunity to support workers in the United States and boost local economies by offering contract positions to these heroic Americans.” harnesses the dedication and hard-working nature of our military veterans, who are known for being some of the most independent, entrepreneurial and creative people in the United States. In addition to a place to find jobs, the website’s founders hope that it will become a strong community where veterans and employers can support one another—to the benefit of the country as a whole.

Martin Lee is a veteran, entrepreneur, business consultant and website designer who has served as a devoted veterans’ advocate in recent years. Over the past 18 months, he worked to advance political awareness of the issues veterans’ face, especially the challenges of unemployment among those returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Lee is also committed to addressing issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the transition back to civilian life and the backlogs of wounded or disabled claims that keep veterans from receiving the benefits they need and deserve.

“I decided to build so that the individuals who have sacrificed so much for our freedom would have the ability to post their qualifications, browse a number of different job opportunities and reach out to those who need projects done by reliable people,” said Mr. Lee. “The challenges military families go through are extremely difficult. My hope is that this website will help just a little in allowing these brave individuals to find work and earn income to support themselves and their loved ones.” charges no fees to freelancers and is easy to use and navigate. The posting fee to job posters is just 7 percent, which is only required if an employer comes to terms with an individual to take on a project. These fees are substantially lower than traditional job posting boards, and allows the freelancer and employer to discuss the project directly through the internal user email system.

Though VeteransElance is not a non-profit organization, as much as possible, proceeds from the site will be donated to Veteran Service Organizations helping our heroes such as Fisher House, Wounded Warrior Regiment, etc. For more information or to get started, visit

Google’s Horowitz: Facebook Is A Social Network Of The Past

Google’s Bradley Horowitz did a pretty good Rocky Balboa impression on Wednesday, calling Facebook — the reigning social champ — a “social network of the past” and accusing the network of getting advertising all wrong.

Horowitz, Google VP of social products, made his comments during a 15-minute conversation at the Business Insider IGNITION conference. (See the full video below.)

His biggest verbal jabs at Facebook were on the subject of advertising. Horowitz said Facebook is “jamming” ads into users’ streams and frustrating both users and brands in the process. He said Google may someday have ads on Google+, but it won’t be because Google needs to “make next week’s payroll based on jamming ads at users in an inappropriate way.”

Horowitz compared ads on Facebook to a guy selling sandwiches in the middle of someone’s conversation.

“When you and I are having a conversation, the least opportune thing you could do is have a guy with a sandwich board run between us and try to sell me a sandwich. I’m trying to connect with someone. I’m trying to communicate in that sacred space of social connection. It doesn’t matter if I ‘like’ the sandwich. It doesn’t matter if it’s personalized with my favorite mustard. That is the wrong moment to try to dangle a sandwich in front of me.”

Horowitz joked about Google+ usage when only a small percentage of the audience raised their hands to say they’d used the service recently, but he also hinted that Google’s next published usage figures for Google+ will be impressive.

“We recognize that Google+ may not yet be the place where you go to wish your friends a Happy Birthday,” Horowitz told host Nicholas Carlson, before adding “…we aspire to that.”

Horowitz said that Google has a more “holistic philosophy” about running a social product.

“Google+ is not attempting to chase the social networks of the past, we’re charting a new course,” he said.

When Carlson asked if the phrase “social networks of the past” was a reference to Facebook, Horowitz said “yes.”

In the film, Rocky Balboa was the underdog boxer that stunned the champion, Apollo Creed. One thing about that: Rocky wasn’t much of a talker, he just took care of business inside the ring. Google might do well to follow that path, as well.

Here’s the full interview via Business Insider.

About The Author: Matt McGee is Marketing Land’s Executive News Editor, responsible for overseeing our daily news coverage. His news career includes time spent in TV, radio, and print journalism. His web career continues to include a small number of SEO and social media consulting clients, as well as regular speaking engagements at marketing events around the U.S. He blogs at Small Business Search Marketingand can be found on Twitter at @MattMcGee and/or on Google Plus. 

New E-Commerce Solutions Company Emerges in the Network Marketing Space

There’s a new star rising with innovative E-Commerce solutions and a rewarding opportunity for everyone. It’s name is BidXcel, LLC.

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) September 15, 2012

There’s a new star rising in the network marketing and direct sales community. BidXcel is the exciting new marketing arm for XcelBids, an E-Commerce solutions site. XcelBids offers shopping, entertainment, products and services to a worldwide market.

This revolutionary new concept is the brainchild of Andrew Bracken and David Hofer, who have 40-years’ combined experience in the E-Commerce, Retail and Internet Technologies industries. They have held various executive level positions with companies like Microsoft, Intel, ATT, Walmart, Target and the Limited Brands.

BidXcel is poised to become the leader in the E-Commerce Network Marketing space. With the soft launch about a week away, thousands have pre-registered during pre-launch.

The founders and executive team have developed a solid and proven infrastructure to support the rapid growth that is about to occur.

“Our primary goal is to provide innovative E-Commerce solutions across the globe and a durable opportunity for everyone,” said Andrew Bracken, CEO. “We are extremely excited to have so much interest and excitement during the pre-launch phase.”

As part of the plan to position BidXcel with a solid foundation for long-term growth, as well as a completely compliant infrastructure, Mr. Bracken has put together an elite executive team. He has already retained in-house attorney, David Koerner, who has over 25-years’ experience in the industry and was with industry giants like Herbalife. Richard Anzalone, VP of Sales, has over 22-years’ experience in the network marketing industry as a successful outside sales distributor, CEO, founder and owner. The VP of Marketing, Susan Anzalone, has been with The Walt Disney Company and Marriott Corporation, as well as having over 15-years’ experience in the network marketing industry.

The XcelBids E-Commerce solutions site is state-of-the-art and groundbreaking.

According to David Hofer, CTO, “We have developed a highly prized intellectual property that will revolutionize both the E-Commerce and Network Marketing arenas.”

The site will initially offer three types of auctions, Unique Lowest Bid, Unique Highest Bid as well as the popular Penny Auction. XcelBids will also feature an extensive online store with a wide range of products appealing to a worldwide customer market.

The founders and executive team have developed a lucrative customer acquisition program for BidXcel affiliates. All affiliates have the opportunity to qualify to earn rewards based on their retail customer marketing efforts and products moved through the worldwide distribution channels.

“This is the most rewarding bonus plan I’ve ever seen in this industry,” said VP of Sales, Richard Anzalone.

BidXcel is currently headquartered in Denver, CO, with plans for several corporate offices throughout the world.

“With such a strong international presence established already, it just makes sense to have corporate offices situated internationally as well as in the United States,” said Susan Anzalone, VP of Marketing.

As BidXcel pursues greater expansion on a global scale, their ongoing efforts to maintain the utmost in values and integrity will be at the forefront of all endeavors.

“The founders and executive team are dedicated to the long term durability of the company,” said David Koerner, in-house attorney. “We plan to be always diligent and meticulous in maintaining the high legal standards and ethics set forth by any governing agencies.”

This puts BidXcel in a league of its own.

About BidXcel:

BidXcel is the global marketing arm for XcelBids, an E-Commerce solutions site available to a worldwide market.

You get out what you put in as an entrepreneur

I’D BE tempted to tell you that my husband and I have worked our whole lives as hoteliers, but I believe honesty is the best policy.

We didn’t know a lot about the hotel industry when we started, but we both knew one thing, and that was exactly how we’d like to be treated.

We’ve done a lot of travelling together, so we’ve seen the best and the worst of them, and every time we stayed somewhere new, we couldn’t help but feel that they lacked that little something to make it a memorable stay.

My background was based in human resources and Lawrence, my husband, came from retail, so we had very transferable skills for the hotel industry.

During our travels, we also noticed there was a gap in the market for good value group accommodation. In 2004, we took the first steps into our deep plunge – Signature Living.

We started by making ourselves a strict code of conduct and never wavered from it. We knew we wanted to give back to people, by focusing on luxury, but most important to us was service.

That’s what had been missing for us for so long wherever we had stayed.

We started with our first location in Victoria Street, with 12 apartments including a 12-bed group accommodation and it grew rapidly from there.

We now have apartments that can cater for up to 25.

We’ve opened new locations and have up to 160 beds with a further new location on the way next year.

Apartment features include double whirlpool baths, cinema screens, and our newest function room apartment has a bar and dancefloor – guests love it.

We really do push ourselves to make every single detail count. Stag and Hen do’s are a bit of a speciality of ours – you’d have to work hard and spend a lot more money to find an experience that could top what we do at Signature Living.

We are number one on Trip Advisor in Liverpool for service.

We can arrange everything, so there’s never the usual stress of organising a weekend to remember or any celebration.

We don’t just do the usual discount on local bars – we have reps to take you round them on a top night out in our great city.

Whenever we stayed in hotels, we noticed it didn’t feel very inclusive – which for group accommodation is so important.

Putting the emphasis on this type of service gives all our guests a memorable stay, there’s always a great, friendly atmosphere – and that’s what has made us so successful with a “can do” attitude from all our staff.

It would be an understatement to suggest that we weren’t nervous before starting out and it was very hard. I have done every job in my business from cleaning to check- ins and linen, although I would always give maintenance a miss. It was no way an easy ride, but, for us, that’s what entrepreneurialism is all about.

Mistakes are just as important as the successes, but I’d say most important is drive – you only get out what you put in.

We lived and breathed our business for the first couple of years and still do and we’re so glad, because we made it what it is today – a truly unique experience and the perfect stay.