Common Food Items Helpful in Gaining Weight

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Food is life as it is essential for our survival. The foods we eat give us energy to perform daily tasks efficiently and effectively. Our body breakup food particles and extract energy from it which is then used for proper body functioning. Food has the ability to improve or ruin your health. Healthy food keeps you safe from various diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, cancer etc. On the other hand, unhealthy food increases the risk of diseases. In addition, it makes you obese and obesity is the mother of all diseases.

Healthy Food Leads To Healthy Living

There are millions of food items that we can select from and most of them are very tasty but the important point is that not all of them are healthy enough. Is there any benefit of paying money for the food that will give you nothing but poor health and disease? You will be shocked to know that the food you eat in 5 star hotels and restaurants is unhygienic. In addition, it is full of bad calories.

Healthy Food Items

Following are some of the healthy food items that must be present in your diet.


The list of healthy foods will be incomplete without eggs as they are not only healthy but also help you in gaining weight fast in through healthy means. Eggs are fully loaded with proteins and they also have Vitamin A, E and D in them. It is generally assumed that eggs contain cholesterol. This is true but the lesser known fact is that it contains good cholesterol and we all know that good cholesterol is needed by our body. So, add eggs in your diet. You may take as many eggs as you want. Boiled eggs are best but you may also eat fried egg.


Butter is also helpful in gating weight fast but it is advised taking it in controlled amount as its excess is not good for our heart.

Dry Fruits

Though, fresh fruits are good for our health yet they have lesser calories that is why they are mostly used for losing weight. So, if you are on a weight gain mission then you must eat dry fruits as much as possible as they boost up calorie intake. A small cup of raisins has more than 400 calories.


It is generally believed that oils are not good for our health as they lead us to various heart diseases and they also make us fat. This is true but not for all fats and oils. There are good oils as well that are fully healthy for our body provided they are taken in controlled amount. Olive oil, canola oil and grape seed oil or sunflower oil are highly suggested for you as they helps in faster and healthier weight gain.


Salmon is a good source of protein. It will not only provide your body with enough energy but will also help you in gaining weight.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also rich is protein. It provides roughly 200 calories which helps in weight gain.

Now, when you are aware how to gain weight then you must add these food items in your diet.