I Cannot Wait to Move to Sloane Residences

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Even though my children are still toddlers, I knew that it was never too early to start thinking about their education. Life has changed a lot for my husband and I in the last couple of years that makes this possible. We were not expecting to have twins when I became pregnant, and we were also not expecting him to get promoted twice in one year. Because of this, I started looking at condo developments that would benefit these changes. The Sloane Residences condo development has proven to be the best place for us to move to.

The area we are living in now is okay, but I know that I do not want my sons going to school in this district. It is not that they are bad schools, but they are definitely not the best. I looked at the schools in District 10 since that is where my husband now works, and I was impressed with all the different ones that they will go through their school years. I also like that it is closer to where my husband works, so he will be able to spend less time commuting and more time with us.

The condos are not ready to be moved into yet, but that is okay because the boys are not ready for school for a few more years. I am excited though of all the features that are going to be available to us when we move to Sloane Residences. It not only makes good financial sense, but it makes sense because we will have access to so many things that our family enjoys. Both boys love to swim, but there is not a swimming pool where we live right now. There will be several at Sloane Residences! That is just one feature of so many, and I honestly cannot wait until we can move there.