It Was Easy to Switch and Save Money with Our Electricity Provider

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I had two or three representatives from different electricity providers knock on my door in the past few months. I told them I was not interested in switching. I just was not too trusting of someone going door to door selling electricity. However, I did get curious and began to research Texas energy companies online. I knew that my per kilowatt hour rate was the big thing as far as my electric bill goes. That is the rate you pay for usage. It is just a few cents, but it adds up. A typical family can really burn through the kilowatt hours. Our electric meter spins wildly in the summer with the AC and everything else on. During mealtimes the electric oven or stove top is on along with the central air conditioning.

We were paying too much per kilowatt hour, and it was making our monthly electricity bill outrageous. Some people say there is too much fine print for a new electricity contract. That is not true. It is pretty straightforward. We have to meet a monthly minimum usage for the rate we got. That is easy to figure out if you do. We just looked at how many kilowatt hours we have used each month for the last 12 months. We were always way over the minimum. Plus, we had to agree for a term for the contract. Well, we need electricity anyway. So, getting it a a lower price for a year or two is a good deal.

One thing we avoided was a variable rate. Those can go up and down with the market. It is great when the price is down, but it can equally go up. No, we chose a fixed rate for our electricity plan. That gives us a stable price for the length of our contract with our provider.