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There are a lot of positive new Empower Network Reviews and success stories, about how people who join this company make their first sale online. Empower Network has been launched about 8 months ago and so far it is one of the most successful network marketing companies online.

Their website is ranked in the top one thousand most visited sites on the internet and a co-founder of this company, David Wood, who seems to be a very ambitious man, says it will soon be in the top 50.

Recently, John Wells has been interviewed. He was asked a series of questions about how he got started online. From the answers, it seems that he read an Empower Network review and decided to buy their viral blogging system for $25 in November of 2011. He only had $300 in his bank account. He says that now he makes over $10,000 every month in commissions and he started just 9 months ago with no marketing experience.

John Wells pays attention to how much effort it takes do this – it took a lot of effort to start making $10,000 per month and a lot of dedication and persistence. He failed many times, but he did not give up and kept going.

When he was asked what he recommends to people, who want to start their own online business, he suggests blogging every single day and then promoting your blog on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

He explains that it is possible to make money online, but people have to focus and work hard in the beginning. He also realizes that now he does not have to work hard, to make $10,000 per month, because it is passive income, but it would require lots of work if he wanted to make more.

There’s another big success story. Lawrence Tam, who got laid off from his job. Now he makes $30,000 per month with Empower Network and another $20,000 per month promoting another company. He says that he was very happy when he got laid off from his job, because he was making about 5 times more money working part time online, than he was going to a full time job.

Lawrence Tam says almost the same thing as John Wells. It requires lots of work and people should not expect to become rich quick, though he notices that he got rich relatively quick.

Lawrence Tam is very happy he was able to achieve this, because now he can spend more time with his kids and wife. He also states he isn’t a special person – he is just a regular guy, who learned strategies that work and then went and applied them.

He thinks the main reason why people not succeed online is that they can’t focus one thing. He recommends working with one company at the same time and using just one or two methods to promote that company. He also recommends to find a company that pays high commissions, like Empower Network.

Lawrence Tam highly recommends that people join Empower Network. Please visit to watch a free video about how David Wood, who once was a homeless man who used to live in van, discovered a simple solution to complicated online marketing world.

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