Keeping Money out of the Hands of Time Warner

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When Time Warner decided to offer me a deal that I wasn’t even eligible for, I decided that I was sick of it. Having only one option for cable television as well as Internet in my area has far too long lulled me into complacency. If I didn’t depend on the Internet for my work I wouldn’t even be a customer of theirs but what I can do instead is begin looking for DirecTV packages to replace my television needs. I really dislike having separate services like this but given no choice between the two, it’s just something that I find is necessary.

I wish the FCC would do something regarding the Internet. They need to begin treating it as a utility to ensure that no one company can dominate an area or an entire state which would allow them to charge for the Internet whatever they want. Since a few companies are hoping to be able distribute the Internet in a way that resembles cable packages, distributed in tier packages so a customer can only have access to specific ‘parts’ of the Internet while restricting access to the rest of the open Internet. This is the wrong way to provide the Internet.

Until there is a time when other options are available to me, I’ll be using Time Warner to provide my Internet services while I use DirecTV for my cable television services. It’s not ideal but if I can keep even a limited amount of money out of Time Warner’s hands, I’ll do it. I even lowered the bandwidth of my service just to be able to continue cutting costs. Maybe satellite Internet will get to the point where I can reliably use it as well but it makes me nervous to think about switching over to it.