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There’s a new star rising with innovative E-Commerce solutions and a rewarding opportunity for everyone. It’s name is BidXcel, LLC.

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) September 15, 2012

There’s a new star rising in the network marketing and direct sales community. BidXcel is the exciting new marketing arm for XcelBids, an E-Commerce solutions site. XcelBids offers shopping, entertainment, products and services to a worldwide market.

This revolutionary new concept is the brainchild of Andrew Bracken and David Hofer, who have 40-years’ combined experience in the E-Commerce, Retail and Internet Technologies industries. They have held various executive level positions with companies like Microsoft, Intel, ATT, Walmart, Target and the Limited Brands.

BidXcel is poised to become the leader in the E-Commerce Network Marketing space. With the soft launch about a week away, thousands have pre-registered during pre-launch.

The founders and executive team have developed a solid and proven infrastructure to support the rapid growth that is about to occur.

“Our primary goal is to provide innovative E-Commerce solutions across the globe and a durable opportunity for everyone,” said Andrew Bracken, CEO. “We are extremely excited to have so much interest and excitement during the pre-launch phase.”

As part of the plan to position BidXcel with a solid foundation for long-term growth, as well as a completely compliant infrastructure, Mr. Bracken has put together an elite executive team. He has already retained in-house attorney, David Koerner, who has over 25-years’ experience in the industry and was with industry giants like Herbalife. Richard Anzalone, VP of Sales, has over 22-years’ experience in the network marketing industry as a successful outside sales distributor, CEO, founder and owner. The VP of Marketing, Susan Anzalone, has been with The Walt Disney Company and Marriott Corporation, as well as having over 15-years’ experience in the network marketing industry.

The XcelBids E-Commerce solutions site is state-of-the-art and groundbreaking.

According to David Hofer, CTO, “We have developed a highly prized intellectual property that will revolutionize both the E-Commerce and Network Marketing arenas.”

The site will initially offer three types of auctions, Unique Lowest Bid, Unique Highest Bid as well as the popular Penny Auction. XcelBids will also feature an extensive online store with a wide range of products appealing to a worldwide customer market.

The founders and executive team have developed a lucrative customer acquisition program for BidXcel affiliates. All affiliates have the opportunity to qualify to earn rewards based on their retail customer marketing efforts and products moved through the worldwide distribution channels.

“This is the most rewarding bonus plan I’ve ever seen in this industry,” said VP of Sales, Richard Anzalone.

BidXcel is currently headquartered in Denver, CO, with plans for several corporate offices throughout the world.

“With such a strong international presence established already, it just makes sense to have corporate offices situated internationally as well as in the United States,” said Susan Anzalone, VP of Marketing.

As BidXcel pursues greater expansion on a global scale, their ongoing efforts to maintain the utmost in values and integrity will be at the forefront of all endeavors.

“The founders and executive team are dedicated to the long term durability of the company,” said David Koerner, in-house attorney. “We plan to be always diligent and meticulous in maintaining the high legal standards and ethics set forth by any governing agencies.”

This puts BidXcel in a league of its own.

About BidXcel:

BidXcel is the global marketing arm for XcelBids, an E-Commerce solutions site available to a worldwide market.