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Russell Brunson, who is the founder and president of DotComSecrets is known for his internet marketing skills. Based in Boise, Idaho, he is considered a pioneer and the role model in the field of internet marketing. Renowned speakers and businessmen have paid tribute to his unmatched talent and wisdom. His DotComSecrets has been playing a big role in the success of numerous people.

DotComSecrets is basically an internet marketing firm that has been instrumental in teaching thousands of people how to make money online. The company is now presenting a unique opportunity to people who want to learn the traits of internet marketing by offering free webinars. The participants of these webinars will be taught to become entrepreneurs and make money fast by working online.

The webinars are open for individuals from all parts of the world. However, only three hundred positions are available for these webinars on a first come, first served basis. Those who want to participate have to act now since these webinar slots usually fill up very fast as soon as they are available. These webinars give a great chance to people who are not experienced in the field of internet marketing and want to gain insight of this field.

The webinars will cover all aspects of internet marketing with a special focus on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the art of selling affiliated products through the internet. Participants will be taught how to promote products sold by online marketing giants like Amazon and ClickBank. The potential for success in affiliate marketing is amazing; each time a marketer is able to connect a buyer a seller, he or she gets a chance to earn some commission on the lead.

In a statement, Russell Brunson also mentioned that after joining the webinar, the participants will be equipped with all of the important keys as well as the tools needed enjoy financial freedom by promoting affiliate products. The biggest advantage in joining these webinars is that Brunson will be the participant’s personal mentor and coach.

The agenda for these webinars is carefully designed by the champion internet marketer himself. All the participants of free DotComSecrets webinars will get a chance to learn important concepts and begin making money by simply working from home on a part time or full time basis. They will also learn about the free internet marketing tools that make internet marketing easy.

The series of webinars that DotComSecrets is offering now certainly provide a great chance to understand the internet marketing concepts in more detail. More information about these webinars can be obtained at: