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Google+ Launched 8 months ago as Google’s entry into Social Media. Businesses were initially slow to adopt this new social network. Mixed reviews and a lack of understanding about how to use Google+ tools as a means to enhance consumer engagement kept brands on the sidelines. However, recent changes have ignited growth of Google+ Brand Pages and Standard Marketing is suggesting that businesses make Google+ a priority in their Social Network Marketing mix.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

On May 31st/2012, Google replaced Google Places with Google+ Local Pages, automatically converting existing businesses’ Google Places accounts into the Google+ platform and requiring future location based businesses to sign up on the social network in order to claim their map position with Google. This most recent move came after a series of other efforts by Google to integrate their platforms into Google+, including the requirement that any new Google account be accompanied by a Gmail account, a Google profile, and an automatic requirement to join Google+.

While critics say that Google is using strong arm tactics to grow Google+, brands that embrace the network are seeing tremendous results. Everything that occurs between customers and brands on Google+ results not only in better consumer engagement, but it directly impacts the Google search results for a brand when the consumers it interacts with perform searches while logged into their Google accounts. If a user has placed a brand in one of their Circles – a way to group interests and associations – or if they have clicked the +1 symbol on a brand’s homepage or beside the Google search result listing for that brand, the website will now receive more “weight” every time that user performs a search for the relevant category in the future.

The implications are clear. Google+ has created a Social Network that differentiates from Facebook or Twitter. Where the latter directly impact engagement and traffic, Google+ immediately affects search results. Marcus Maraih, Social Media Manager of Standard Marketing Ltd, weighs in “We knew that Google+ had been on the verge of distinguishing itself from the pile and recent moves have made their intentions evident. Brands can not only better engage customers on Google+ they can impact the search results for users in their Circles. There is an additional spill-over effect on search for those user’s friends and associates also on Google+. Brands should embrace Google+ immediately.”

Read Standard Marketing’s article on Google+ to review the 10 benefits of the Google+ network. Businesses unsure of how to use Google+ to enhance consumer engagement are encouraged to contact a professional internet marketing company with experience in Social Media Marketing as soon as possible.

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