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If you’re shopping for a new bed for your bed room, then you’re likely to ask yourself: What kind of mattress should I get? Firm? Soft? Springy? Down? Maybe a water bed? The trouble with shopping for a mattress is that there is so much to choose from, and since mattress choice tends to always boil down to personal preference, finding out where to shop can be a difficult decision! If you like your mattresses firm, you don’t want to buy from a company that only sells soft mattresses. If you like a mattress with adjustable firmness, then you certainly don’t want to shop at a store that only sells stationary mattresses. And if you’re looking for a water bed—well, maybe you’ll need to find a time machine set to the 1970s. Joking aside, your best option is to shop at a store with a great selection of mattresses, great customer service, and affordable pricing. One such store is Metro Mattress, a specialty mattress retailer in Upstate New York that has been providing quality service to all mattress seekers for over thirty four years. Metro Mattress offers a wide and affordable selection of mattresses, and carries plenty of mattress brands for shoppers to choose from. Metro Mattress does not limit the buyer to one type of mattress, and instead carries a varied selection of many brands that are sure to please even the most stubborn sleeper!Metro Mattress

If you’re looking to buy from Metro Mattress you’ll first need to decide—if you haven’t already!—what kind of mattress you would like to purchase from Metro Mattress. It’s always best if you can shop for a mattress physically in store, but Metro Mattress does offer a onetime comfort guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

How to pick a good Metro Mattress bed?

To start, you should look at your current bed! How old is your bed? Mattress experts agree that the average quality mattress should last you about eight to ten years before needing to be replaced. Metro Mattress also recommends this time frame. Sometimes, you might be experiencing back problems simply because your mattress is so old, it’s worn out its usefulness! A purchase from Metro Mattress is guaranteed quality, and a great replacement for a worn out mattress that’s been hurting your back.

Another important part of buying a mattress from Metro Mattress is deciding on a comfort level. If you are the sole sleeper on your bed, then you’re in luck. All you have to do is decide what kind of bed you are looking for at Metro Mattress. But if you’re sleeping on the same bed as a partner, you will both need to discuss what of comfort level each of you enjoys! Thankfully, mattress technology has come much farther than it used to be in the past twenty years. In the past, if your partner preferred a soft mattress while your back cried out for something firmer, one of you was just plain out of luck! But not anymore! Metro Mattress sells brands that use the newest mattress technology that can incorporate several different comfort levels.  Some of these brands even allow for different parts of the mattress to be set at a separate firmness. Others are simply a great compromise between firm and soft, and sure to please sleepers. Both adjustable mattresses from Metro Mattress and Metro Mattress mattresses using the latest cushion technology save you and your partner from eight to ten years of annoying sleepless nights!

One of these comfort levels are the Metro Mattress “Pillow Top”, which offer extra layers of cushion while still offering support to your back. This allows for the softness and cushy feel of a soft mattress, and the back support of a firm mattress. This comfort level is perfect for those who love to sleep on soft, cushy beds. Another comfort level is the Metro Mattress “Plush, or Luxury”, which is a little like Mama bear’s porridge to most sleepers—this comfort level available from Metro Mattress has all the support of a firm mattress, and just the right amount of comfort to soothe your aches and relieve the pressure points on your back and body. This comfort level is a perfect combination of the pillow top and firm Metro Mattress comfort levels. The third comfort level is the Metro Mattress “Firm,” which supports your back and offers very little padding and cushioning. This comfort level is just plain perfect for those who don’t like a lot of soft, cushy padding on their beds, and like to sleep on something as firm as possible. All of these comfort levels and more are available at mattresses that can be purchased from Metro Mattress.

Now that you’ve decided what comfort level of mattress you would like to purchase from Metro Mattress, you can look at some of the best brands Metro Mattress has to offer!

What does Metro Mattress carry?

One excellent mattress brand that Metro Mattress sells is Serta. Serta is a luxury mattress brand that sells many fine mattresses. The most luxurious Serta mattresses available at Metro Mattress are the Trump Home Collection mattresses. With the Trump name, you know it’s going to be good! These mattresses combine high quality craftsmanship, high-end luxurious fabrics and materials, and fine detailing. These mattresses available at Metro Mattress come in a variety of high-end types, such as a traditional innerspring mattress, a specialty design, or all foam mattresses. Even better, these Trump Home Collection mattresses are available exclusively at Metro Mattress!

Another great Serta collection available from Metro Mattress is the Serta Perfect Elements Collection. These mattresses are designed for the shopper looking for a high quality alternative to a traditional innerspring mattress. Unlike low end foam mattresses, these foam mattresses are designed and built to provide you with the best comfort technology can provide. Perfect Elements mattresses are made with either a Visco-elastic Memory Foam support system or the patented Serta Latex support system, which replace the traditional innerspring mattress support. The support system of these Metro Mattress mattresses provides a proper spinal alignment throughout your sleep, and delivers a superior and excellent pressure point relief to your pressure points. And they’re not just great for your back—each mattress is finely detailed and tailored to not only feel good, but look good! Metro Mattress offers a great price on these Serta collections and many more fine Serta mattresses.

Another fine mattress brand that Metro Mattress sells is Spring Air. Spring Air is a mattress brand known for its incredible and superior back support. Metro Mattress carries two collections from Spring Air. The first collection is the Spring Air Back Supporter Collection. These mattresses provide excellent back support. Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses come in several styles, each with a different type and level of support. Some have high density coils for maximum firm support, while other Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses are built with individually pocketed coils that contour to your body, providing firm but gentle support for your back and body. In addition to an excellent inner supporter for your back, each Spring Air Back Supporter mattress features a CONFORMA foam layer. This CONFORMA foam layer is designed to relieve pressure to your shoulders and your hips. Not only do the mattresses contain foam layers specifically designed to relieve pressure at these key areas, but also foam layers to add gentle padding and comfort to your sleep experience.

A second collection from Spring Air that Metro Mattress sells is the Spring Air Four Seasons Collection. True to its name, these are among the finest in luxury mattresses that Metro Mattress offers. Not only do they contain the excellent support of the Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses, but with added features and amenities to transform your bed into a sleeping experience. Just a few of these amenities are: Luxury knit fabrics for your mattress, providing quality both in feel and appearance; Cashmere fiber quilting for that added taste of luxury; Foam encased design for a cushioned sleep; Eco-Friendly foundations for the mattress, adding a green, Earth-friendly touch to your mattress purchase. If you’re worried that the Four Seasons Collection, with its luxurious fabrics, eco-friendly foundations and cushioned yet supportive comfort level is out of reach? Worry no more! All of the Spring Air Collections available from Metro Mattress are affordable for many budgets.

Metro Mattress – quality and affordability

Although mattresses from Metro Mattress are both quality and affordable for many people, you may want to consider your budget when shopping at Metro Mattress. However, if you are concerned about the price of a mattress, any mattress, Metro Mattress is a company that is willing to work with the customer on their financial purchases. They will help you find a mattress that is within your budget, or if you are willing to go the extra mile for that perfect mattress, Metro Mattress also offers financing for some purchases through Citi Retail Services and Progressive Financial Check.

Whether you’re looking for a mattress with the finest quality knits and a firm back support, or a mattress that is as soft and cushy as a cloud, Metro Mattress is your one-stop shop for high quality, affordable mattresses.