The Least Livable City in the Country

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Calling ADT in Knoxville just makes sense when you see all the stories about how Knoxville is the least livable city in the country. I’ve been here five years and I knew it as soon as I moved in. The signs all around you all the time and it’s really all anyone talks about. The only reason I moved here, and why I’m still here, is my job at a law firm in the city. Once I got in and started grinding for a partner position, leaving wasn’t an option. But boy oh boy do I wish I’d started my career anywhere else than here.

I’ve had my car stolen twice. I’ve almost been carjacked. I’ve had the windows on my house broken by rocks. I’ve witnessed a robbery at a convenience store. All part of the Knoxville experience! It’s absolutely crazy, but it’s even crazier that I waited so long to install a home security system. All my neighbors had one and it’s probably one of the reasons my home has been targeted by criminals. They like to drive out to the nicer places in the city because the pickings are better. After the window incident I decided to fight back.

I bought guns, but I also got a great company to come out and install a top notch security system. It’s monitored around the clock and I can check in on my home when I’m anywhere in the city. Since they’ve installed the system and I have the signs up, I haven’t had any problems with vandalism or goons driving by slowly looking at the house. They’re dumb criminals, but even they recognize the security signs. They probably move on to someone else who hasn’t woken up to the fact that you must have a security system if you live in this city.