Tips For How To Get Free Network Marketing Leads With Internet Press

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London, UK — has just revealed their 3 tips for how to get free network marketing leads by leveraging the power of online press releases.

According to the web marketing blog, free network marketing leads are the lifeblood for any home based network marketing entrepreneur. However it can be a challenge to get the intial daily lead count to a consistent level.

The 3 network marketing free lead generation tips just announced by are as follows:

* Google News – “A press release appears in Google News and this alone should get you a nice influx of traffic for your chosen keywords. There are millions of pages to compete against in the main Google Search, but only thousands of pages in the News section at any given time,” said

* Hot Trends – “Write an internet press release about a trending media topic and link that in with your business. Press releases have the ability to go viral if interesting news angles are used that link in with what the media is currently talking about. It is always best to go for an entertaining story that typical boring business news.”

* Google Alerts – “A good way to increase the traffic from your network marketing press release is to use very generic keywords in the headline. Words like ‘business’ and ‘marketing’ will set off flags in Google Alerts that webmasters and blog owners have set. This will increase the chances that your content will be republished for others to see.”

This powerful method to get network marketing for free is part of the lucrative $1K A Day Marketing Plan at

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