Trying to Buy a Little House

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Of course it is not really much of a house, but that is the only reason I can even consider it. The place used to belong to my friend’s aunt and uncle. The uncle has been dead for a couple of years at least and the aunt has had to move in with one of her daughters. The place is tiny and obviously an elderly woman is not going to be able to take good care of a house. I am trying to figure out the real cost of this, so I have to click on the web page where they tell you what the electric power rates are. Then I want to figure out roughly what it is going to cost me every month for stuff like that. That is going to be pretty important, because this is going to drain my savings in a great big hurry. So when I get the house (if I get the place at least) I am going to be in serious penny pinching mode.

It really makes me nervous when I do not have any money in my savings account. Of course I know that it is not like the world works the way you want it to. Stuff happens and some of the time it is going to be stuff that costs you a lot of money. Almost anything that goes wrong with your car is going to cost a few hundred dollars, just like all of the stuff that is part of the normal operating cost of a vehicle. If you drive a car you are going to have to get new tires and you have to keep the fluids fresh. All of that stuff costs money and it is the same thing with a house if you really think about it.