Who is Pamela Evette Smith and why is she suing Michael Jordan?

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Georgia woman filed a paternity suit against NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. According to the suit, Pamela Smith alleges that MJ fathered her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan “Taj” Reynolds.

Back in December, “Taj” posted a YouTube video claiming that MJ is his father, MJ knows he fathered him, and MJ has spoken with him before. If true, MJ fathered this young man in 1995 during the time he was married to ex-wife Juanita Vanoy.

So who is this woman who allegedly had an affair with MJ?

Pamela Evette Smith is an Atlanta woman who bills herself as the “Queen of Romance” and a certified “loveologist”. According to her bio, she has worked in the past as a model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl. At one time she was the owner of a real estate firm, Pierce Plaza Enterprise, and a seller of adult toys

Ms. Smith is also into network marketing as an Isagenix representative, seen in this series of tweets from her Twitter account:

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Ms. Smith can be seen in a few videos on YouTube giving advice on love, relationships and romance. Her channel consists of bedroom tips, how to videos and speaking engagements.

Why sue now?

From all accounts, Taj Reynolds is sixteen years old. Why has Ms. Smith waited sixteen years to “out” MJ as the father of her son? Harvey Levin speculated on his TMZ live show, that maybe MJ and Ms. Smith had an Arnold Schwarzenegger type deal. Schwarzenegger fathered a child with his housekeeper, and apparently knew, but paid for the child’s upkeep in secret for many years. Levin suggested that the deal, MJ had with Ms. Smith, possibly blew up recently, and now Ms. Smith wants more.

Many think Ms. Smith came forward for the sake or her son, who is an aspiring hip hop artist. Ms. Smith filed the suit two months after Taj posted his YouTube video. In the video Taj pleads with MJ to be a part of his life. Could it be that the young man dearly wants a relationship with MJ? Or is it possible that he and his mother are after something a lot less empathetic…like money?

Damaging secrets

Secrets have a way of being revealed against the wishes of secret holders. There is truth to the saying that “what is done in the dark will come to light” after all. Who will be there to pick up the pieces if all of what Ms. Smith and Taj Reynolds say is true?

The public will ever know the truth behind the relationship between MJ, Taj and Ms. Smith. Nor should anyone know beside them and their respective families. After March 12th, when the first hearing in the case is set, the public may know whether or not MJ will have to submit to DNA testing. However, the only thing a DNA test will reveal is paternity. A DNA test cannot create a bond that does not exist, nor can it win back years that have already been lost.

Ms. Smith wants Taj to have a name change to the surname of Jordan. It is odd that Ms. Smith’s son’s last name is Reynolds, because her maiden name is Smith. She hints at having a boyfriend on Twitter, but there is no mention of a husband or prior marriage. So who is the possessor of the Reynolds surname that Taj bears? Yet another secret for which the public may never have an answer.

Rumors of MJ’s philandering had been widespread for many years. In 2008, MJ had to get a restraining order against Lisa Miceli after two paternity tests proved he was not the father of her child. His divorce from wife, Juanita Vanoy, was finalized in 2006. MJ is set to marry his fiancee in April of this year.